Tibetan Protester
A Tibetan exile runs after setting himself on fire during a protest against the upcoming visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India in New Delhi March 26, 2012.

The Tibetan protester, who set himself on fire earlier this week to protest the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India later this week for BRICS Summit on March 29, died on Wednesday.

Tibetan rights groups claimed that 30 Tibetans, mostly Buddhist monks and nuns, have resorted to self immolation in southwestern China in the past year to protest against Chinese rule over their homeland.

In an anti-Chinese protest rally organised by the Tibetan Youth Congress ahead of the Chinese President's visit to India, a Tibetan youth identified as Jampa Yeshi (27) set himself on fire in New Delhi on March 26.

Enveloped in flames, the protester fell to the ground after running for some distance. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but succumbed to the injuries.