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Triple H was part of the most revolting scene in WWE historyReuters

But WWE even produced some promos and scenes which were downright disgusting. If one trawls through all the controversial content generated by the Vince McMahon-owned company, he would find a large number of segments that the company would like to forget or completely hide from their present-day audience.

But when it comes to revolting scenes that the company used in their shows, nothing comes closer to what has come to be known as the 'Katie Vick segment.' It was part of an angle involving Triple H and Kane feuding for the World Heavyweight Championship title.

Triple H, known as 'Cerebral Assassin,' decided to put Kane off his game through mind-games. He decided to bring up an episode from Kane's past to get under the skin of 'Big Red Machine.' HHH revealed that his rival was responsible for the death of a girl called Katie Vick in an accident. This bothered Kane and he decided to narrate the whole story.

According to Undertaker's storyline brother, Katie Vick was his friend and one day, he was driving her home after a party when an accident took place in which she was killed while he suffered a broken arm. Kane said he has regretted that incident ever since. So far, it was alright and a decent enough plot of Triple H, the incumbent champion, trying to use a horrible incident from his opponent's past to gain an edge going into his title defence.

The Katie Vick segmentYouTube

But the storyline turned utterly nauseating when Triple H interrupted Kane's retelling of the events and claimed that, on investigation, the police also found traces of the latter' semen. This was uncomfortable enough but what Triple H said next made the entire storyline obnoxious to the extreme – even by the low standards of Attitude era.

The World Heavyweight Champion quipped that the presence of the semen proved Kane having had sex with the girl but didn't make clear whether it was before or after her death. In other words, Triple H was suggesting that Kane is a necrophiliac.

At this stage, most viewers would have had enough of this grotesque storyline. But WWE weren't even close to stopping there. Triple H claimed he has the tape of Kane having sex with Katie Vick and would show it to the entire world – and he did.

The video showed Triple H himself – wearing a Kane-like mask, pretending to be the Big Red Machine, entering a room where the supposed casket with Katie Vick's body in it lay. Triple H, pretending to be Kane, opens the casket which has a mannequin which he pretends is the body of Vick and proceeds to undress both the mannequin and himself. He then jumps into the casket and pretends to have sex with it. All this to unsettle Kane before the match.

The fact that Triple H, one of the leading lights of the company and now, a senior official as well, had to perform this incredibly hideous skit must be a matter of shame to him. However, this wasn't the first or even the last instance when the company crossed all limits of decency for greater TRPs.

It's not a segment that WWE would like to remember but the video has now been made available on YouTube and would remain a source of massive embarrassment to the company, especially when it is trying to make itself more palatable.