Undertaker Sting

For years, WWE aficionados have fantasised about a match featuring two of the greatest legends in the business of professional wrestling who both possess a spooky on-screen personality – The Undertaker and Sting. A contest between the two would not just have been iconic due to their legendary status as in-ring performers but also because of the dark persona both have.

Unfortunately, a match between them remained a near-impossibility for a long time as the two were working for different companies – The Undertaker for WWE and Sting for WCW. When the latter brand collapsed and was bought by Vince McMahon, Sting refused to join WWE because of his dislike for that company. Eventually, the Icon became part of TNA and remained there for a long time.

Then in 2014, finally, Sting appeared in WWE for the first time and entered into a feud with Triple H which culminated at Wrestlemania 31 with HHH winning the match between them. In 2016, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and announced his retirement after sustaining an injury during his match against Seth Rollins.

In the same period, The Undertaker also seemed to be heading towards the end of his career. In an interview given to WWE network in 2016, Sting said that he still held a hope of a match with The Undertaker. The apparent retirement of The Deadman at Wrestlemania 33 ended all hopes of a contest between the two legendary figures.

Undertaker vs Goldberg
Undertaker vs Goldberg match turned out to be a disaster

But now, it seems the WWE is exploring the prospects of finally getting the veterans to realise the long-kept fantasy of the fans for a match. In the first video of their new series 'WWE Reimagined' the company put forward the fictional scenario of Undertaker leaving the WWE in 1990s and joining WCW. They asked a group of people from the company to imagine what would have materialised in that situation.

Basically, three different storylines, leading to matches, were imagined. One between The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan, one involving The Undertaker and Goldberg, and, lastly, a storyline between The Phenom and Sting. During the part of the video where the third scenario was visualised, Sting himself spoke about it and said that there is no way the Undertaker would have been able to earn a victory against him. Instead, according to the six-time WCW champion, he would have delivered some stinger splashes and then used the Scorpion Death Drop – his finisher.

Now, of the three possible opponents of Undertaker in his imagined WCW run, The Deadman has faced Hulk Hogan numerous times. The match between Goldberg and The Phenom took place in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. So, Sting is the only person mentioned in the video who hasn't had a match with Undertaker. Furthermore, the fact that Sting remained in character during his appearance in the video, face paint et al, while others spoke outside kayfabe cannot be without a deeper meaning.

All this suggests that WWE is planning a match between the two. The fact that Undertaker is still under contract with WWE and is competing makes him available. Sting might have been persuaded as well. The only problem is that both The Deadman and the Icon are probably well past their prime and may not be able to provide a good match. The disaster that Undertaker vs Goldberg was has to be remembered. Let's see what comes of it.