Rekha and Kajol's raunchy photoshoot
Rekha and Kajol's raunchy photoshoot.YouTube Screenshot

Rekha and Kajol are two actresses from two different generations, but the duo had once together created a controversy way back in 1996.

The two divas had once appeared on the cover of Cineblitz magazine in a way that had raised many eyebrows back then. Rekha and Kajol were seen posing together in an intimate manner as they apparently wore nothing inside and fitted themselves into one single sweater.

Although there was nothing vulgar in the photoshoot, it was a bit too raunchy for many in that era. The photoshoot did not appear appropriate to a host of people.

Rekha has always been controversy's favourite child, but she is also considered to be one of the bravest actresses who had the courage of taking up bold roles that many actresses did not dare during that period.

One of her biggest controversies till date was her rumoured affair with Amitabh Bachchan. Although she had never denied her past connection with the mega star, she had made multiple statements almost confirming the same.

On the other side, Kajol has been comparatively a much trouble-free actress. She hardly made headlines for scandalous reasons, and still managed to create a big name for herself in the industry.