Prince Harry is in a good place right now. He is married to a beautiful woman Meghan Markle. He is a father to an adorable boy Archie, and is living peacefully doing the things he loves in Los Angeles. He is away from the media glare that haunted him for many years. But the prince did not always have such a smooth sailing.

Losing his mother, Lady Diana at such a young age surely affected Harry in many ways. On top of that, the rebellious streak of the young hot blooded prince made him do some pretty crazy things.

Harry spotted at Sin City enjoying a star-studded pool party

One of the wildest things that resulted in a huge controversy was when Prince Harry was photographed naked.

Yes you read that right! It was in 2012 that Harry was spotted at Sin City enjoying a star-studded pool party with his friends. He also reportedly crashed a bachelorette party later. Some people at this party gave their statements saying, "We were speechless. We just stood there with our jaws dropped. How many people can say they met and spoke to Prince Harry? This story can't be topped."

But this wasn't the only party that Harry crashed that day. He later found himself at a pool party with Olympian Ryan Lochte. Although Ryan Lochte confirmed that the two engaged in a friendly pool race 'fully clothed", what happened next shocked many.

Harry moved his party to his hotel suite where he was photographed naked. The prince was seen embracing a naked woman with a few other people in the room. The pictures sparked a huge uproar in the media, leaving the Royal Family embarrassed and at a loss of words. But while this entire drama unfolded, some celebrities also came to his support.

Lady Gaga for one tweeted, "HOLY MOTHER HARRY LOOKS FIT. Hope no ones mad at him for that, I'm certainly not."

Harry has surely learnt a lesson since then and presents a more sober and calm image right now. Here's wishing him a happy quarantine in LA!