MS Dhoni, Raai Laxmi
MS Dhoni, Raai LaxmiGetty Images/Twitter

Most of the people might not be aware that MS Dhoni had an affair with the South hottie and today's birthday girl (May 5) Raai Laxmi a decade ago. At that time, Raai was the brand ambassador of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings (CSK) which was captained by MS Dhoni in 2008. It was being said that Dhoni and Raai had hit it off instantly during the actress' tenure in the team but things didn't work out between them and the two went separate ways within a year.

After breaking up with Raai, Dhoni found love again in his childhood friend Sakshi Rawat and they began dating in the same year. The two got married on July 4, 2010 after keeping their love affair a secret. The couple has a daughter named Ziva who was born on February 6, 2015. Even Raai moved on in life and went on to have three or four relationships after Dhoni.

But the past began to haunt Raai when the news of Dhoni's retirement from test cricket had started doing the rounds. People had started talking their failed relationship and it affected Raai a lot and even went to call her relationship with Dhoni a 'scar'.

"I've begun to believe that my relationship with Dhoni is like a stain or a scar which won't go away for a long time. I am surprised that people still have the energy and patience left to talk about it even now. Every time TV channels dig into Dhoni's past, they make it a point to bring up our relationship. I dread to think that someday my kids in future will see it on TV and ask me about it," Raai Laxmi had opened up about dating MS Dhoni in an old interview with The Times Of India.

She had further added, "I have had three or four relationships after Dhoni, but no one seems to have noticed it. I knew him really well and don't know if I can call it a relationship because it never worked out. We still have respect for each other. He has moved on and gotten married. That's the end of the story. I am a very happy person right now and work is my priority."

In fact, Dhoni has never been questioned about his past girlfriends but Raai was when she had started promoting her Bollywood debut film Julie 2 wherein she had shedded her inhibitions for performing bold scenes and soon became the talking point in the industry.

She had even hoped that the makers of MS Dhoni biopic won't be talking about their relationship in the movie as she had not given any such consent.