Mohanlal Yesudas
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Legendary Indian singer Dr KJ Yesudas has recorded more than eighty thousand songs in his career. At one point in his career, Mollywood music directors had no other choice than to rope him in every movie; all credit goes to his heavenly voice and impeccable modulation.

The dominance of Yesudas irked many critics who claimed that the singer is blocking the way for upcoming talents. It was at this point that Yesudas decided to stop singing for movies.

Mohanlal changed Yesudas' decision

As critics started targeting Yesudas, the national award-winning singer decided to concentrate only on concerts and Tharangini Studios. However, Mohanlal intervened and played a crucial role in changing Yesudas' decision to stop singing in movies.

It was the time when Mohanlal was busy producing a movie named 'Bharatham' under the banner 'Pranavam Arts'. The makers of the movie roped in Raveendran to compose the music of this movie. After composing all the songs, Raveendran insisted that he needed Yesudas to sing a semi-classical song for the movie.

When the crew requested Yesudas to sing for the movie, the singer revealed that he is not ready to sing any songs except for Tharangini Studios. Hearing the words of Yesudas, Raveendran told him that he is going to stop composing songs for movies.

Finally, upon heavy compulsion from Mohanlal and Raveendran, Yesudas rendered his magical voice for Bharatham and the rest is history.

Yesudas bagged national award

In 'Bharatham', Yesudas sang an emotional semi-classical song and for that magical rendition, he received the national award in the best singer category. The song also emerged as a chartbuster and is still one of the most requested tracks in regional music channels and FM radio.

Mohanlal is currently awaiting the release of his new movie 'Big Brother' which is being directed by hitmaker Siddique. The film is expected to be an action entertainer and will hit the screens in January 2020.