Amitabh Jaya

Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan's marriage has remained one of the most powerful and controversial love stories of all times. Hailed as the most respectful couple of the industry, there was a time when Jaya and Amitabh's life had turned upside down because of the alleged involvement of Rekha.

Renowned journalist Karan Thapar recalled in his book - Devil's Advocate: The Untold Story - how he felt Amitabh Bachchan hinted him to ask questions on his extra-marital affairs. When the question was asked, Amitabh lost his cool.

"They say you've had an affair with Parveen Babi. Is there any truth to that story?" Thapar asked, to which Big B replied, "No. I too have read such stories. They're not true. But I can't stop magazines writing this sort of stuff."

"What about Rekha?" asked Thapar further, to which, Amitabh said, "No, not even with her." Thapar then asked Jaya if she believed him, to which a calm Jaya had said, "I always believe my husband."

Karan Thapar wrote what followed was Amitabh Bachchan's anger, which erupted like a volcano on Jaya Bachchan. Amitabh insisted that the crew and Thapar have lunch with them but once they sat down, Amitabh snapped.

When Jaya Bachchan offered him some rice, said, "You know I never eat rice. Why are you offering me something I never have?"

When Jaya tried to explain to him that she was offering him rice only because the rotis were still being prepared, Amitabh lashed out at her again and said, "I don't want rice! I never have rice and you know that."

"I'm not complaining that the rotis haven't come, but stop offering me rice instead. I've said I don't want rice and I'm happy to wait for the rotis. Can't you understand that? What's the matter with you? Why can't you just listen to what I'm saying?" he said. 

Karan Thapar revealed that Jaya left the room silently and never returned. The rotis returned and everyone had the food silently before Thapar and his crew left the venue hurriedly.