It was in the month of March 2015 that actor Kim Sung Min was arrested for using drugs. No doubt, the past seven months have been difficult for Kim and his family. And this latest news about his jail sentence will create ripples in his marriage, which, reports suggest, is troubled.

On 2 September, Kim Sung Min was sentenced to 10 months in prison and was fined 700,000 KRW (approx. $593 USD).

The judge's verdict detailed the actor's drug usage when he was on probation, and stated that facing jail time was unavoidable.

The judge ruled, "In 2011, he was sentenced to two years and then received four years of probation for the same charges. Since he committed the same crime during the probation period, a prison sentence was unavoidable. The fact that he admitted all his crimes and that he was sorry was taken into consideration," reported Soompi.

The "Can We Love" actor was arrested on 11 March, 2015 in his house in Seoul for possessing 0.8 grams of methamphetamine, which was allegedly smuggled in from Cambodia.

On 10 April, Kim Sung Min admitted to using drugs and pleaded guilty. His lawyers stated that the actor would not submit any evidence. Public prosecutors demanded a two-year jail sentence for Kim, arguing that the crime was committed when he was on probation.

Meanwhile, Kim's wife, Lee Hanna held herself responsible for her husband's drug use. In an interview with The Fact, Lee said that she didn't understand her husband and alluded to their marital problems. "Even after we got married, I could not fully understand him and I made him suffer. We had a huge fight, and he even became suicidal. Then he did things he shouldn't have done," stated Soompi (via The Fact).

This is the Korean actor's third encounter with drug enforcement officials. Kim Sun Min was arrested in 2008 for smuggling methamphetamine from Philippines and was arrested for smoking marijuana in 2011.