Mnet's "Unpretty Rapstar 2" has successfully launched several music artists in the Kpop scene. The music competition for female rappers is a reality show that prioritises talent. And, as fans eagerly await the premiere of "Unpretty Rapstar 2", the producers of the show made an exciting statement.

You can watch the show online by live streaming it on the Mnet website and the official "Unpretty Rapstar 2" website, reported Soompi.

"On September 1, at 9pm, we will be live streaming the mission stage for 'Unpretty Rapstar 2′ via the Mnet website and the official Unpretty Rapstar website. The 11 contestants will perform for 30 minutes and there will be a live voting, which will be taken into consideration for the actual broadcast," Soompi quoted an Mnet representative as saying.

What is the mission stage? Well, that will be revealed on the date of the live stream.

The Season 2 of "Unpretty Rapstar" has a lineup that is a mix of underground rappers and established music artists. This year's format is different, with famous musicians battling it out with relatively unknown talent in the Kpop scene. 

"Unpretty Rapstar 2" contestants include 11 rappers. The cast is a mix bag, from the likes of Kim Yubin of Wonder Girls to SISTAR's Hyorin, Fiestar's Yezi, Kasper from Play The Siren, Gilme of Clover, and underground rappers such as Ahn Soo Min, YG trainee Moon Suah, Ash-B, Truedy, Heize and KittiB.

"Unpretty Rapstar 2" will premiere on Friday, 11 September, at 9pm KST on Mnet. 

You can watch an "Unpretty Rapstar 2" special performance video here: