Three Breasted Woman
Hoax? Jasmine Tridevil reportedly underwent a surgery to add a third breast so that she could become a reality TV starTwitter/@JasmineTridevil

Jasmine Tridevil, the three-breasted woman, has grabbed the headlines once again and this time with death hoax news.

Tridevil shot to fame last month after photos of her with three breasts went viral online. However, several media outlets, including TMZ and Buzzfeed reported saying that the whole thing is fake.

But the reports surrounding her three breasts refused to die down following which a satirical website Huzlers posted a story saying that the woman was found dead.

Huzlers has previously posted several fake stories on well known public figures, but there are people who still believe some of the reports published on the website are true.

On Sunday, the satirical website reported that the 21-year-old was found dead in her apartment in Tampa, Florida. Tridevil's neighbours called the police and said that they heard loud screaming coming from her apartment, according to the website.

The website also made a fake quote of a police officer who said that her third breast was ripped off her body after she was killed.

"When we arrived at the scene she was covered in blood and her breast had been ripped from her body," Huzlers quoted investigator as saying.

Meanwhile, the three-breasted woman is alive and is posting pictures and posts continuously on her Facebook account.

Who is Jasmine Tridevil?

Tridevil works as a massage therapist in Florida. Apparently, she implanted a third breast for $20,000 to become a reality TV star and feature on MTV.

The 21-year-old's real name is Alisha Hessler and is from Tampa. She has posted several photos and videos of her with third breast on her Facebook page.

Apart from featuring on a reality show, she also wanted to look unattractive and thus went under the knife. Tridevil wanted to look unattractive because she doesn't want to date anyone, according to India Today.