Kamal Haasan starrer  "Thoongavanam", which is also spelled as "Thoongaa Vanam" and "Thoongaavanam", has got highly positive reviews from the audience. 

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"Thoongavanam" is a remake of French movie "Nuit Blanche". Kamal Haasan himself has penned the screenplay apart from playing the main lead in the Tamil movie, which has Trisha Krishnan, Prakash Raj, Kishore, Asha Sarath and Madhu Shalini in the important roles. 

Kamal Haasan's favourite M Ghibran has composed the music and the multifaceted actor's former associate Rajesh M Selva is making his directorial debut with this flick. Sanu Varghese has handled the camera and Shan Mohammed has edited "Thoongavanam".

Story & Performance:

Kamal Haasan plays the role of Narcotic bureau officer. He along with his partner Yugi steals cocaine from Prakash Raj, the kingpin of a drug racket. The officer's son gets kidnapped and can save his son? The answer to this question forms the interesting part of the story. Kamal is highly impressive in "Thoongavanam" and Trisha is equally brilliant. Prakash Raj, as always, steals the show.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

The Kamal Haasan starrer has opened to postive reviews from the audience. Below, we bring you their response to "Thoongavanam":

Mohan Krishnan wrote

#Thoongaavanam is a Racy & Slick thriller with good BGM. Even though an adapted one, watching Kamal on screen is always delightful.

ChristopherKanagaraj tweeted

#Thoongaavanam A gud action thriller, racy screenplay makes the film a worth watch, Kamal haasan and ghibran's music are the highlights!
#Thoogaavanam Good 1st half, remake of 'sleepless nights', same scene by scene rip! Superb bgm , prakashraj kalakkal. Racy action packed!!
#Thoongaavanam A gud action thriller, racy screenplay makes the film a worth watch, Kamal haasan and ghibran's music are the highlights!

Sreedhar Pillai wrote

#ThoongaVanam 3.25/5.Stylish thriller,ensemble actors who fit into the character #KamalHaasan is superb, pivot around which film revolves.
#ThoongaVanam 3.25/5. Faithful adaptation of French film Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night), additional comedy has been infused into characters.
#ThoongaVanam 3.25/5.@trishtrashers riveting. Her dialogue delivery,body language & kitchen fight with Kamal & accident scene fab.
#ThoongaVanam 3.25/5. Character establishment in first half slackens pace, 2nd half it moves rapidly.#RajeshMSelva has done a decent job.
@trishtrashers U were really good, I loved the kitchen fight & car accident scene where truth dawns on U, as ur fingers slowly move.

Javeeth Ahamed tweeted

#Thoongaavanam Gritty entertaining tale of a night that everything could go wrong. Kamalhaasan as always rocks. Only wish it was more tight

Dhananjayan Govind tweeted

#Thoongavanam brings out a legendary performance from Kamal sir. His injured look & love for his son stands out. Must watch for Kamal sir:-)

SurenNoChill wrote

#Thoongavanam - BGM score excellent, although sounded too loud during few scenes. Song during credit is a pleasant surprise.
#Thoongavanam - Yugi Sethu and Prakash Raj excelled in their roles. Sweet but bold character, the boy who played Kamal's son.
#Thoongavanam - Kamal Haasan and Kishore apt choice as cops. Great to see @trishtrashers donning serious role.

Karthik Rangarajan posted

Movie is really very good and would probably be the least-budgeted-max-returns movie for Raajkamal International after a long long time. One or max two schedules, 4 days of outdoor shooting, 15 days of call sheet for the whole canning and one mansion is all it would have taken for the making. To me, Kamal has proven for the first time that he knows the art of making money, when he puts the money down from his own pocket and I really liked that intelligence. Very happy that he didn't burn his fingers with the making of this flick.

If someone tells you that the movie is racy, give that person a quick tight slap in blink of a moment, and tell him that the time it took you to lift your hand and the time it took to hear the slapping noise is what the word "racy" means.
smile emoticonThe movie is extreeeeeeemely snail paced and it works for it, but the background score is a huge let down. This gangster-cop flick need a Yuvan or Santhosh Narayanan to make you feel the intensity.

I don't know this movie just passes and you won't give you the craving to watch it again. It just passes but it leaves a good taste in the end. No blowing the cars up in the sky and knock all in one punch brainless so-called-mass scenes.
Characterizations are apt and its just cool the way the makers have zoomed in a movie for two hours from a one liner script. Gorgeous it is when you look back at it.

Joshua Michael posted

Had all the ingredients to make an all out action thriller. But Rajesh chickens out and maintains a sense of sanity #Thoongavanam
Ghibran's background score disappoints big time. #Thoongavanam scores high on the technicalities (obvious being a KH film) though.

Dileep.E ‏tweeted

Show finished #Thoogaavanam. Fantastic screenplay with hair raising BGM and mind blowing characters. Mr Kamalhasan I bow my head to you
Interval should be banned for fast moving films. Big disturbance in between
I got bored with uttama villain but kamalhasan ji did not disappoint me this time. First half is amazing #Thoongavanam
I got bored with uttama villain but kamalhasan ji did not disappoint me this time. First half is amazing #Thoongavanam
It's already 30 min. Film is running like rajadani express.Very tight screenplay and awesome characters #Thoongavanam #Thoongaavanam BGM
#Thoongavanam ends up as an absolute fan girling attempt by Rajesh. In what could have been a gripping tale, the movie is simply too slow.

Haricharan Pudipeddi wrote

#Thoongavanam at interval is racy and engaging but definitely feels like no match to the original.
#Thoongavanam may work to an extent if you haven't watched the original. Didn't work for me at all. #KamalHaasan is good as always
Don't understand why is #Thoongavanam called an adaptation of #SleeplessNight when they recreate almost every scene from the original
Do cops still go around saying, 'police, hands up'? Funny when I hear it even today in films

Raisa Nasreen tweeted

Done watching #Thoongavanam. Pretty sleek film. Next I want Kamal Haasan to star in the Tamil remake of Taken. Too much to ask?

Hari Sudhan ‏tweeted

#Thoongavanam races ahead, entirely shot in a pub with enough gripping elements. Half way through, screenplay is the king.. @igtamil

Karthik Dhandapani tweeted

#Thoongaavanam A very faithful remake of #NuitBlanche duly credited in the title. Meticulously planned n executed @RajeshMSelva
@trishtrashers so happy that u got #Thoongaavanam as ur 50th movie. God bless!!
Don't miss @trishtrashers as Mallika, the honest & intelligent cop in #Thoongaavanam #CheekatiRaajyam #Trish50

Ramny posted

@KamalHaasanFans #Thoongaavanam sleek & tight screenplay with grt stunts.Grt Camera work, amazing music & nice acting by KH, TK,PR,SM,KS.

Kollywood Box wrote

#Thoongavanam is a great crime thriller with fantastic performances all round,a fast paced script and some heart pumping action scenes !!

Naveen posted

#Thoongavanam - Fully Intelligence, frisky action thriller which will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Venkat Praveen ‏wrote

#Thoongavanam Suave, frisky action thriller which will keep you at the edge of your seat.#KamalHaasan @trishtrashers

REAL CINEMA ‏tweeted

#Thoongavanam No glamour no abuses no smoking no romance with heroine no comedy but Ulaganayagan made us to sit in the edge of seat #Salute

PM wrote

#Thoongavanam better than uthamavillan. But need more commercial elements. Not satisfied. Madhushalini vechu senjutan kamal

Troll Cinema posted

#Thoongavanam - On the Whole a Movie Awesome!! Perfect Entertainer
Get Ready Kamal Fans..Its Ur Diwali!
Aandavar Rocked
Narrow screenplay... No twists and turns... Nothing much to Rave about in 2nd half!!
Conversation between Son and Kamal... Heart Touching!! #Thoongavanam