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Nimisha Sajayan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Fahadh Faasil and Alencier Ley in Thondimuthalum DriksakshiyumFahadh Faasil/Facebook

After the superhit family entertainer Maheshinte Prathikaram, actor Fahadh Faasil and director Dileesh Pothan have teamed up again for the movie Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum (also spelt Thondimuthalum Dhriksakshiyum). The movie finally hit the screens all over India on Friday, June 30.

Exclusive: Dileesh Pothan opens up on Fahadh Faasil-starrer 'Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum'

Even before the release, netizens have been celebrating the much anticipated movie, which is expected to showcase "Pothettan's brilliance" again. The teaser and songs of the family entertainer have already impressed the audience, and the social media response on Friday morning made it clear that the premiere shows of the Fahadh-starrer have houseful status in most theatres in Kerala. 

Apart from Fahadh, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum stars Suraj Venjaramoodu in a main role, and introduces actress Nimisha Sajayan, who will be paired opposite the National Award winner, while Alencier Ley appears as a police officer in it.

In an earlier conversation with International Business Times, India, director Dileesh had said that it is a movie about a middle class family made on a small canvas. And as the title says, the film has material evidence and an eyewitness as the main factors showing the state of the law and order of the society. 

Sajeev Pazhoor has penned the script of Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum, for which camera has been cranked by National Award winner Rajeev Ravi. Bijibal has composed the music. Sandeep Senan and Aneesh M Thomas have bankrolled the project under the banner of Urvashi Theatres.

Watch the teaser of Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum here:

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Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum has many newcomers and really intersting plot so far. There is a mix of the lifestyles in Vaikom and Kasaragod.


#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum has Thala Ajith's reference [Vedalam Scene]✌️ A decent flick wit a wafer thin plot narrated in a natural way aided wit realistic characters & dialogues. 1st half is enjoyable with situational humours and the plot set up while 2nd half is a bit slow and serious though decently engaging Fahadh is brilliant as ever with his nuances & interesting body language while Suraaj does his job well. Heroine also neat performance. Supporting cast is superb wit Alansier getting more meaty role & the one who did SI role was fabulous Rajeev's DOP & Bijibals musicIn comparison wit #MaheshintePrathikaaram this one is less in humour & plot thickness but definitely manages to giv a decent watch

T misfit

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum realistic film making backed by some real good moments... Fahad Lacks t punch tho 3.25/5 BO: Blockbuster


Few lags but still watchable Pothettan brilliance. #thondimuthalumDriksakshiyum

Plumeria Movies‏ 

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum - first half- Never seen before experience. Seems like this film will take Malayalam Cinema to a different level. Sheer piece of cinema with unimaginable performances.

Nidhin K‏

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum Tiny plot executed with brilliant performance and realstic making.#Fahad steals the show 3.7/5

PJ Arun Ngl‏ 

#ThondiMuthalumDriksakshiyum interval.. superbbb.. interval scene fahat acting humour scenes castings camera works r excellent. brilliant 1st half n decent 2nd half..fahat Suraaj alancier acting kidu n direction also superb..Mahesinte Prathikaram was better than #ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum but must watch movie for a gud movie lovers.. go n watch it

muhammad adhil‏ 

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum is not another #MaheshintePrathikaaram but is a decent film with realistic narration and superb performances. @twitfahadh is terrific and Suraaj, Alansier, Heroine plus the rest are impressive as well. That gem of an expression at interval is another example why @twitfahadh is the best in this generation. It is so impressive that how Dileesh establishes his characters [Even brief 1s]and builds the narrative on them

Sethumadhavan Napan‏ 

Midway through #ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum & happy to say that it has a fantastic first half,delightful actually.Hope 2nd half too works


Epic Performance from @twitfahadh and #Suraj. Interval Punch is Mind-blowing. Not another Mahesinte Pratekaram #ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum Not digest for all viewers.. Lag on Second Half.. Climax was nkt much engaging. One time watch!!


#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum Interval: Simple and Superb Fahadh, Suraj and Nimisha That Interval scene Another #PothettanBrilliance. Realistic, Hilarious and Brilliant! Pothettan, Rajeev Ravi, Fahadh, Suraj and Heroine was also good. I don't think that #ThondiMuthalumDriksakshiyum will satisfy everyone! For me, it was a satisfied experience.

Afsal Ahamed‏ 

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum Realistic and brilliant Dileesh Pothen excels again ! Fahadh simply nailed it - Looks cute and hilarious !

Anand Tharur‏ 

4/5-Perfect casting,naturality felt throughout , #fahadh's performance was stunning , Hatsoff to #dileeshpothan #ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum


#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum Realistic thriller !!! U could c a simple theft experience in front of u rajeev Ravi's photography3.5/5

Siva Sai‏

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum. A simple narrative based on facts and grounded incidents . A decent one time watch.

Harikumar M‏ 

#ThondiMuthalumDriksakshiyum first half : Entertaining @twitfahadh Rockzzz Superb First Half with all Correct Elements.


#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum #Firsthalf realistic with clarity shots and lighting. Performance music and bgm

Gokul B nair‏ 

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum Fst half over Teriffic perfoo by @twitfahadh & #Suraj

Martin N Joseph‏ 

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum- Simple plot executed damn reallistically. @twitfahadh & #Suraj simply terrific. Top class first half. Lovely cinematic experience. Classy film with terrific performances. Pothettan Brilliance again. #MustWatch

Tom Babu

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum interval. Very good so far. Those who interpreted the plot from the poster were right but no big spoiler that. Another great one from Dileesh Pothan... Rajeev Ravi influence could be seen in second half... 4.5/5


#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum First half OMG can't xpress my feelings Suraj n Fahad were terrif Owsmfirst halfrealistic Dop Pothettan

Malayalam box office‏ 

#ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum 1st half polichu Pothetan'sbrilliance Interesting plot executed in an amazing way Fahad & suraj Wtng for 2nd

Rabeesh Raveendran‏ 

First half done #ThondimuthalumDriksakshiyum simple and engaging.. Waiting for second half