Actor Sampoornesh Babu, who was a contestant on Jr NTR's show Bigg Boss Telugu, has been evicted from the house after he threatened to commit suicide using a knife inside the house.

Of late, Sampoornesh Babu has been uncomfortable inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu and he was suffering from claustrophobia. This is the reason nine out of 13 contestants nominated his name for elimination. Some of them even alerted big boss that he would end up committing suicide in the house if he is made to stay there for any longer. Therefore, he was one of the four participants nominated for eviction.

On Tuesday, Sampoornesh Babu reportedly turned violent by attempting suicide in the house. At first, he threatened to kill himself with the knives from the kitchen. But when the Bigg Boss remained indifferent to his behaviour, the burning star went on to hurt himself with knives. This violent act was reportedly not shown on the prime-time as it was not suitable for screening.

As per the contract of Bigg Boss Telugu, the contestants cannot leave the house on their wish and they must follow the rules and regulations of the house. If they leave the house in the midway, they have to pay huge financial penalties as per the contract.

Now, Sampoornesh Babu will face legal consequences. Though the other housemates tried to convince him, the actor was adamant and said that he doesn't want to stay in the house even for a second more.

Sampoornesh Babu in Bigg Boss Telugu house
Sampoornesh Babu in house of Bigg Boss TeluguHotstar video