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Sujeeth, who is directing rebel star Prabhas in his next movie titled Saaho, has revealed that Bahubali 2 actor gave him a mouthful for not taking his words seriously and failing to complete the work in time.

Bahubali 2 has made Prabhas an internationally-acclaimed actor and many filmmakers across the country are eager to work with him today. But the actor had committed to work with director Sujeeth in his next movie before the release of Bahubali: The Beginning. Sujeeth said he first met Prabhas at the success party of his film Run Raja Run. Prabhas had then asked him to prepare a script for his next movie.

"It was the success party of my first feature film Run Raja Run, which had given the leading man Sharwanand a change of image. A lot of other Telugu heroes wanted a similar makeover from me. Prabhas, who was already a big star, approached me at the party. I didn't take him seriously when he told me to write a film for him. I thought it was just social chitchat," Sujeeth told Deccan Chronicle.

Sujeeth said he started working on the script of Saaho, but abandoned it midway. A few months later, Prabhas asked Sujeeth about the scripting of the film and told him off for his laxity. Then, the director hunkered down and finished the script, which impressed the Bahubali star.

"I had worked out the script till the interval. Beyond that, I just made up the plot while reaching Prabhas' house for narration. And I kept adding ideas as I narrated the film to him. Seeing Prabhas' enthusiastic face during the narration, I was encouraged to innovate, and was reminded of the stories I used to tell my mother when I was a child," director Sujeeth added.

director Sujeeth
director Sujeeth

Even before kick-starting the formal shooting, Sujeeth released the teaser of Saaho with Bahubali 2. The first look video has received a massive response and has generated a lot of curiosity about the movie.

Meanwhile, Bahubali's success has raised the expectations for Prabhas' next movie. But, the 26-year-old director is apparently least daunted by it.

"We are making the film exactly the way we had planned. There will be no changes. I narrated Saaho to Prabhas in January 2015, 6 months before the first part of Baahubali released. Even then, Prabhas was a big star. Of course now, he's something else!" Sujeeth said.

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