Sandalwood superstar Upendra, the chief of Prajakeeya party, has finally broken his silence on the protest against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and NRC (National Register of Citizens).

The anti-CAA protest has spread across the country with people from different walks of life taking part in the debate of whether it is right or wrong. But many people were surprised by the silence of popular Kannada actor Upendra, who has founded Uttama Prajakeeya Party with a new manifesto based on ART (Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency) of governance.

Many of his fans wanted him to make it big in politics. But despite floating his own party, Upendra does not seem to be serious in taking part in political discourse, as he has limited it to social media only. Many people across Karnataka were eager to see the Prajakeeya leader's views on the on-going protest against the CAA. Some of them had even requested him to voice his opinion on Twitter.

Upendra took to Twitter on Tuesday night to make his stand on the CAA clear. In a series of tweets posted in Kannada, the actor asked the people not to take the issue seriously, as it is just food for media for a week. He hoped that the government will work towards setting the things right in economy, transparent governance, health, education and jobs, before the next election.

Here is the English translation of Upendra's tweets posted in Kannada.

Upendra's tweets
Upendra's tweetsTwitter

"If one religion is a vote bank for one party, another religion is a vote bank for another party, in this 20 percent king's uproar, people have never thought about making education, health and jobs of their vote bank, because sentiments are more important than rationality. Rationality is boring. Emotionality is thrilling.

If people are allowed to roam around these three countries freely, is the division of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for namesake?

Prajakeeya stand on CAA and NRC, Do not take it seriously. It is a food for people in social media and press for the next one week. It is a job for people, who think of proper dressing even if they don't have food to eat. Bravo Politics.

Proper division, strong boarder, clear citizenship document, are all these possible in the political mess?

Let us see... Let this problem be resolved before the next election, our economy reach its peaks. Let's hope everyone gets jobs, good education from the government, health, protection, transparent and corruption less governance from the political leaders. If the citizens support politics, then the verdict of Prajatirpay prajapati (citizen)."