Mahesh Vitta inside Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house
Mahesh Vitta inside Bigg Boss Telugu 3 houseScreenshots of Hotstar App

Most of the viewers feel that Mahesh Vitta's elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is genuine. But his fans say that he was stronger than Siva Jyothi and Ali Reza and he deserved to be in the finalist list.

Mahesh Vitta was nominated for the elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 along with Varun and Rahul in the 12th week. He was the weakest among the three nominated contestants. Many viewers felt that he would be shown doors this week. As predicted, he was eliminated from the house and his eviction was not a shock for anyone in the house. But he walked out of the show on a positive note.

Mahesh Vitta was one of the strong contestants. He was nominated for the elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 for nine times in 12 weeks and he was saved for eight times. This is the best example for his strength and popularity. He tried to be genuine throughout his journey inside the house. He aimed to win the hearts of audience, rather than the title of the show.

Though he was strong and genuine, Mahesh Vitta never became serious about the tasks especially physical tasks. This turned out to be his biggest drawback. The viewers gave him several chances, but he did not get seriousness. However, he won many hearts with his analysis of Sreemukhi's character a day before he was eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house.

Here is how audience reacted on Mahesh Vitta's elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 this week.

Mahesh Vitta's heated argument with Sreemukhi
Mahesh Vitta's heated argument with SreemukhiScreenshot of hotstar video

Lalitha @Lalitha12618607

All the best for your future #MaheshVitta you are a good actor and always liked your analysis in game #BiggBossTelugu3 . You are eligible to stay in top 5 than Ali and SivaJyothi.. who are undeserved for TOP5. People who trolled #Maheshvitta for the words towards their favourites ...have praised him from yesterday.. because of his words towards SM.. #BiggBossTelugu3

Hem@N@v @hem_nav

#MaheshVitta is genuine(No fake emotions,No OA) & Sensible guy in #BiggBossTelugu3 Only minus was bit inactive in physical tasks.Reason may be no encouragement from Host,BB He is very talented. Hope he gets good opportunities in his field outside of BB & build house for his dad

Pavani J @PavaniF07

#BiggBossTelugu3 One thing is clear... #Varun fans so much scared of #MaheshVitta.. Bhaya padutunnaru..... ,

Satya pamula @satyapamula

Amazing analysis by #maheshvitta on all participants!! He's done PhDs on all!! #BiggBossTelugu3 @StarMaa

Rakesh @rakeshonmoon

#BiggBossTelugu3 Mahesh nuvvu vitta kaadu metta.. Ppl can be introverts and extroverts, some by nature will be louder and standouts among ppl, it doesn't need to be conscious effort to be in limelite, have seen many like her,it appears u had preconceived notion about #Sreemukhi

MassLook @Balaji_c16

Same day Sreemukhi tho argument..ventane elimination kabatti..eliminate ayyaka aa konchem cheppadu Lekapote aa 1% kuda negative lekunda positive ga matladevadu Mahesh Nenu expect chesa eliminate ayyaka aa baggage teeskelladu ani #BiggBossTelugu3

Sai Ram @SaiRamKonidela

Not feeling like seeing Mahesh less biggboss any more.. Good bye #BiggBossTelugu3.. Wish baba or Rahul wins the title for making this season little interesting

Varun Warriors @VarunWarriors

#BiggBosstelugu3 Eee shiva jyothi ye rakanga mahesh kante goppaga padindhi ra Mahesh 9times nomination face chesadu...Ikkadi varaku vachadu Shiva jyothi only 2 times

Veerender @Veeren11397

Mahesh nik attention avasaram...#SriMukhi ki attention avasram ledu...@maheshvitta sri laga undaleka jealous tho sachipotunav asal... srimukhi attitude nu velletappudu perfect nilanti valaki #BiggBossTelugu3

Avinash Wwesupercard @gaming_avi346

#BiggBossTelugu3 #mahesh ended on a high note Andari gurinchi positive ga cheppi he's going out. All d best ra mahesha

Bigboss13 @Bigboss55950037

#BiggBossTelugu3 Mahesh analysis on housemates has been perfect

Dr. Goodhead ⚕ @Awaamspeaks1

Papam #Mahesh! Aa weekend script writers valla thana game padaipoindi. Nag ichina feedback thana manchi kosam anukoni maradaniki try chesi game lo confuse aipoyadu. He will be remembered for his analyses. Goodbye Mahesha! #BiggBossTelugu3

Tanush @Thrill_seeker24

Mahesh vitta >> vithika + ali ... Anyways all the best for ur future projects maheshaa #BiggBossTelugu3

DineshChakre @chakre_dinesh

mahesh vitta comedian ga vachi comedy thappa anni chesadu house lo.. expected him to be in top 5 but wasted. #biggbosstelugu3

D Hari Krishna @HariKrishna_19

BiggBoss show lo win aina avvali lekapothe positive impression tho aina bayatiki ravali Mahesh Manchi impression tho bayatiki vachadu. sreemukhi navi Jyothi Vithika has got negativity. #BiggBossTelugu3

#save nallamala pk fan @imshivakrishnaM

Mahesh i like your thoughts and analysis . All the best for your future #maheah #RahulSipligunj #BiggBossTelugu3

Krish @Krish04366133

Mahesh is better than Shiva jyothi pithika Ali...... Inka jyothi pithika nominations ki vachi min oka 10 weeks ayyuntadhi #BiggBossTelugu3

Kris Posts @KrisPosts

Frankly speaking , he was not welcomed like others. No one has joined him in any group . He was cornered in early days by VV couple. The Best of Mahesh not came actually. Bad Luck Maheshaa. #BiggBossTelugu3

KPK @kpk789

#BiggBossTelugu3 show seems to be scripted by today's elimination of mahesh big boss for ur scripted show please reveal the votes polled by people in biggboss show definitely u r giving support to top celebrities for entertainment..Long live biggboss winner is confirmed

Tweet like nobody is caring @tweettomaniac

All the best Mahesh Vitta for your career Staying till this week itself is a big win for you. go well #biggbosstelugu3

shankar prasad @shankar83508782

#BiggBossTelugu3 If mahesh has done good in tasks then no doubt he will be in top 5...

Garima @GR_NYORK

Sreemukhi behavior post mahesh eviction is so weird.. I can see ARROGANCE in her eyes.... Despite your affinity for CAMERAs and screenspace...u long back lost moral right to WIN trophy. Only abhishek & shyam Duo can help u in getting trophy #BiggBossTelugu3