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Dr Manmohan Singh, who is considered the silent prime minister has displayed his humourous side in avideo recently. He says that he is not just an accidental prime minister but also an accidental finance minister.

On Tuesday, Dr Manmohan Singh launched his new book 'Changing India,' a six volume collection of his writings and speeches since 1956. The former PM of India was explaining how he became finance minister, when he made everyone burst in laughter. He said, "I was then the chairman of the University Grants Commission. One morning I went to the office as usual."

Dr Manmohan Singh added that Narasimha Rao ji was searching for him. He asked him on phone:"Where are you?"

I said, "I am at the UGC."

He said, "Hasn't Dr Alexander mention to you what we have for you?" I said,"I didn't take him very seriously." Narasimha Rao Ji said: "No. You go and dress up and come for the swearing-in ceremony."

"That's how I became an accidental finance minister," he added.

The people present at the book launch were surprised to see his humorous side and could not stop laughing. In no time, the video featuring the incident made its way to the internet and went viral on the social media, with interesting comments.

Senior Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, who is playing Manmohan Singh in "The accidental prime minister," tweeted the video and wrote: "It is so wonderful to see our Ex Prime Minister #DrManmohanSingh having a sense of humour about being called #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister. Waiting to show him our film @TAPMofficial. COMING SOON. Near your theatre. Jai Ho. "

As a finance minister, Dr Manmohan Singh has changed the course of Indian economy with his unleashed unprecedented reforms in 1991. But he was not PV Narasimha Rao's first choice for Finance Minister. The then PM had initially offered it to economist Dr IG Patel, but the latter could not take up the job. It was Dr PC Alexander, who suggested Singh's name to PM.