The lockdown and self-quarantine is taking a toll on the best of us. With offices shut, gyms closed, and parks out of bound, most people do not find the need to even get out of their pyjamas.

This is precisely why we have this kickass throwback video of Nina Dobrev and Zac Efron sweating it out in the gym together. Most of these exercises can be done at home. So take some inspiration and get moving for those summer body goals.

Nina Dobrev famous for playing Elena Gilbert in the hit teen drama, The Vampire Diaries, is quite well known for her fitness goals and super sexy figure. Zac Efron to is no surprise when it comes to being fit and having a killer body.

Get on a video call while you workout

The throwback YouTube video focuses on abs, butt, upper body, and obliques. Nina points out something very interesting too when she says, "A big part of working out is the community of it and going to workouts with friends, and having that accountability." So see if you want to persuade other family members or get on a video call with friends while you work out, you know what to do!

Nina and Zac are also friendship goals in the video and can be seen discussing Nina's South African safari while doing planks. They also pushed and encouraged each other on a sledge. In the end, Zac convinces Nina to go into a cryo chamber for three minutes.

As we know, three minutes in a cryo-chamber can seem like an eternity so Zac distracts her by asking her some interesting questions. One of which is if you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be, to which Nina answers a carrot.

Zac also flaunts his amazing droll worthy abs in the video. This workout session is just the motivation you need to start exercising. So, take some fitness #inspo and start spot jogging guys!