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Grab those tissue boxes because This Is Us returns tonight with its mid-season premiere episode. The mid-season break brought the three Pearson kids fall down to their knees – Randall losing Deja, Kate suffering a miscarriage and Kevin's drug addiction is revealed.

While the first half of the second season explored the three lead characters individually, the second half is expected to bring the Pearson children back together and walk towards telling the story of their father's death, Sterling K Brown confirmed.

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The Golden Globe Awards 2018 winner spoke to E! News to confirm that fans will finally know what happened to Jack.

"Before this season is over we will see how Jack Pearson dies. I won't say too much more about it, but there's only eight episodes, so it will happen soon," Brown confirmed.

While fans wait for that to happen, the NBC show dropped the trailer of the new episode. The sneak peek revealed that the Pearson family's The Big Three are going on a vacation. The announcement comes from Flashback Jack. The episode is titled The Fifth Wheel.

The short promo shows Jack informing Rebecca, Randall and Kate that the five of them, including Kevin of course, are headed out for a vacation. Though the adult Pearsons were not seen in the video, the official synopsis has got them covered.

The official synopsis reads: "The Pearsons come together under unexpected circumstances," TV Line reports. NBC's official website states that the trio will come together at Kevin's rehab.

Shedding more light on the episode, Entertainment Weekly reports that that the winter premiere episode will begin with Pearsons discovering Kevin's addiction, taking things off from his arrest with little Tess in the backseat.

However, the tension will ease with the flashback vacation seen in the promo, This Is Us executive producer Issac Aptaker told EW. "That is going to be a slight break from the angst and drama that we've been getting into with our teens and back to lighter days for our Pearsons," Aptaker said.

Are you ready for those tears to stream?

This Is Us season 2 episode 11 returns on Tuesday, January 9 at 9/8c on NBC.

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