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There are many accommodations one has to make while joining the Royal Family. But there was one request that seems to have disturbed Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Reportedly, Kate Middleton was advised by Buckingham Palace to watch old footage of Princess Diana – something the Duchess of Cambridge found "creepy."

According to a 2011 Vanity Fair report, the Duchess was instructed to act more like her mother-in-law by royals insiders.

Ms. Nicholl wrote: "I was told that the Palace had advised Kate to watch footage of Princess Diana getting in and out of her car so that she could learn how to handle the paparazzi.....Kate told a friend it was 'creepy' watching the archival footage, but it seemed to work.'

We have to say we agree with Kate Middleton, watching archival footage of a dead person so that one can emulate and imitate them is a little weird.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been performing their Royal duties as usual, their latest tour in Pakistan hit a few bumps when six Pakistani ministers walked out of the British High Commission reception, reportedly annoyed at their place at the gathering. 

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton and Prince William did bring a sense of whimsy to their diplomatic mission, arriving at the hilltop monument in a rickshaw painted with the Pakistani and UK flags.

The Royal couple also met Prime Minister Imran Khan, who, along with his ex-wife Jemima, was a good friend of Diana's. Khan's office said in a statement: "While welcoming the royal couple, Prime Minister Imran Khan recalled the love and affection among the people of Pakistan for Princess Diana, because of her compassion as well as commitment to support charitable causes."

The incident with the ministers walking out is a part and parcel of any diplomatic event, but it looks like Kate and William' are not willing to let it get them down.