PUBG Mobile has been the rage among smartphone gamers for the longest time now, but it has finally met its match. Call of Duty Mobile was launched earlier this month and it has since been breaking records. After garnering 20 million gamers within the first two days of launch, the battle-royale title crossed 100 million downloads in just a week. Now, CoD Mobile has breached another milestone.

A US-based digital media company,, Call of Duty Mobile is more popular than its biggest rival PUBG Mobile, IANS reported. The battle-royale genre wasn't quite popular on smartphones until PUBG Mobile came along and got players hooked to their phone screens. Despite series of ups and downs, PUBG Mobile remained everyone's favourite for a long time and then Call of Duty Mobile came along.

The hype around battle royale games was already at its peak, in part courtesy of PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty has its own legacy and that has hugely helped in the title's successful launch on the mobile platform.

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"These games have two strengths. One is their rich content/media based on high-quality graphics, etc, making them attractive and engaging. These games also leverage the social networking behaviour of users. It allows them to multi-play among friends, groups or even unknown associations," Faisal Kawoosa, founder and chief analyst, techARC, told IANS.

While it was expected that Call of Duty Mobile's launch would threaten PUBG Mobile's dominance. It doesn't come as a surprise that Call of Duty Mobile side-lined PUBG Mobile in terms of popularity. According to the report, the games following PUBG and CoD's lead in terms of popularity include Minecraft, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale in the same order.

Here are some interesting facts about Call of Duty Mobile since its launch this month:

Android users contribute 44.3 percent to the Call of Duty Mobile downloads while iOS users dominate the charts.

India is the second largest market for CoD Mobile userbase after the US.

Call of Duty Mobile has already raked in $17.7 million in earnings so far. In contrast, PUBG Mobile's revenue spiked 652 percent YoY, and it remains to be seen if CoD Mobile can beat that.

CoD Mobile's first week downloads were over 3x times more than PUBG Mobile.