Solo, Dulquer Salmaan, World of Rudra
Neha Sharma, Dulquer Salmaan, Nassar and Suhasini Maniratnam in World of Rudra.Solo - The Movie/Facebook

Young star Dulquer Salmaan's bilingual anthology movie Solo has been garnering a mixed response from the audience ever since its grand release on October 5, especially for the fourth part – World of Rudra.

This has however forced one of its producers — Abraham Mathew — to change the climax of Rudra's story without the consent and knowledge of director Bejoy Nambiar or Dulquer, who still believe the original version is the best. "For all those asking about the changed ending. It has been done without my knowledge and consent.Good or Bad I stand by the film I made [sic]," the director said on Twitter.

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Ever since the news hit headlines, viewers who had already watched the movie on the first and second day have been eager to know about Solo's new climax. Did they include new scenes or did they just chop out the scenes in question?

Many on social media said they watched the movie again to see the new ending. However, the the movie with changed climax is being screened in selected theatres only. 

According to actress Sou Sadanandan, who is also a National Award-winning director, the Dulquer-starrer had an abrupt ending and she couldn't make any sense out of it. 

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"Rudra's mother says "your father & I had decided to go our separate ways when you were two, but you were the only reason why we decided to stick together" - Cut to - Rudra is shown apologizing to the groom & the rest of the wedding party...!!! The End!!!! End Credits!! Now... how does that make any sense!!!! [sic]," she reveals about the new climax of Solo via her social media account.

But aren't the Malayalee audience familiar with what was narrated in the last segment of the anthology movie? Wasn't it a bold move? Similar scenes have been narrated in many movies before, be it in Kilichundan Mabhazam or Narasimham to name a few.

Still, one wonders why the viewers couldn't accept such a theme in Dulquer-starrer. If it was the unintended humour element in the climax that irked the audience, shouldn't we be grateful as that was the only time the crowd in the theatre burst out laughing, in an otherwise serious film.

However, Bejoy had stated that Solo, which was screened only for a day in Tamil Nadu due to theatres' strike, will be released with the original climax by its producer Anil Jain. "SOLO - Tamil version if given a chance to release once the strike is over will release AS IS ! @aniljain13 is a rockstar of a producer," Bejoy tweeted.