Leaving aside the plethora of problems the PC version for Batman: Arkham Knight has run into in recent times, it seems like some of the PC players for the game are still trying to make the best of the situation with some classic banter to follow up for the game.

While the PC version of the game from Warner Bros. and Rocksteady remains broken, there's now a new mod that's been pushed out for the game that lets players clean the scum-infested streets of Gotham as Batman's mentor/butler Alfred Pennyworth.

However, as unfortunate as it may seem, the mod offers very limited skillset if the player is indeed willing to play as Alfred, since this version of Alfred can't counter-attack, and neither can he make use of Bats' extremely influential environmental takedowns or dual takedowns. But then again, Alfred is just a butler, right?!

You can check out the new Alfred mod's gameplay trailer below. Let us know if you think it's worth playing as Alfred in the comments section.

As it stands, Arkham Knight's PC version still remains in a nightmare state for both the developers and the players, with the game even suspended from any further saleas it's apparently still too buggy.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Eurogamer]