Leagoo KIICAA S8, the ultimate Galaxy S8 clone.Leagoo via Twitter

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are definitely the pioneers of an era of bezel-less smartphones, prompting other manufacturers to follow suit. But a Chinese brand seems to be so impressed with the idea of Samsung's Infinity Display that it couldn't resist to copy the Galaxy S8's design language from top to bottom.

The company called Leagoo took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce that it would soon launch a new series of smartphones, named KIICAA. According to the tweet, the upcoming series will include three new handset models: KIICAA S8, KIICAA S8 Lite and a KIICAA S8 Premium.

Yes, the makers of the phone apparently didn't even bother coming up with a different model name.

Much like the Galaxy S8, Leagoo's KIICAA S8 sports the 18:9 aspect ratio. The company also said that the phone could be powered by MT6763 chipset. If turns out to be true, the upcoming phone could indeed be the first smartphone to feature the MT6763 SoC.

Other details shared by the company include 4GB/6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB internal storage. Leagoo, however, didn't talk about the feature, which is the most important visual differentiating factor between the KIICAA S8 and the Galaxy S8: a dual rear camera setup.

There is also a fingerprint scanner below the rear cameras.

When it comes to price, the device is not likely to cost more than $300, and is expected to go on sale within the next few months.

Below is the Galaxy S8. Look how similar the front panels of both the phones are.

Samsung Galaxy S8
The Samsung Galaxy S8.Samsung via YouTube