Rangoli Chandel takes dig at Malaika Arora
Rangoli Chandel takes dig at Malaika AroraInstagram

Rangoli Chandel, sister of Kangana Ranaut, took a dig at Malaika Arora for an Instagram story that the latter had posted.

The Instagram story features Malaika with her son Arhaan Khan. In the picture, she is seen in a nightdress, taking a selfie, as her son looks at the camera from behind. She also has a sweet caption to the story as she wrote, "When the son is being all nice and taking care of his mommy".

However, Rangoli apparently did not find the mother-son picture to be appropriate and took a sly dig at Malaika. Kangana's sister shared the picture on Twitter, and wrote, "This is modern Indian mother, very good," followed by clap emojis.

Rangoli's sly dig at Malaika

Although Rangoli did not say anything negative directly, it seems she was targeting Malaika on the lines of her outfit in the picture. Nonetheless, most of the comments on the post came in support of Malaika and against Rangoli.


Netizens counter-attack Rangoli

Most of them found nothing wrong in the picture and instead targeted Kangana's sister for trying to insult the other lady. In response to one such comment, Rangoli made another sly criticism by writing, "Nothing at all, its amazing aise he hona chahiye, kash hamari maa se itna pyaar mila hota".

Some fans of Kangana even asked Rangoli to delete the post, as it will bring backlash for the actress.

Just some time ago, Rangoli had criticised Karan Johar for making a film – Takht, which is based on Aurangzeb. She had opined that it is not right to depict such historical characters in a flamboyant way in films.