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Actress Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel, who is known for her sharp remarks on some celebs, has once again attacked filmmaker Karan Johar and made some sensational comments on Takht.

Takht is touted to be an action drama that is set in the Mughal era. It is a family saga that is about the enmity between brothers caused by the succession of the Throne. Vicky Kaushal and Ranveer Singh are playing Aurangzeb and his elder brother Dara, respectively, while Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Bhumi Pednekar, Janhvi Kapoor and Anil Kapoor essay other important roles in the movie.

Sadhguru had tweeted about greatness about Indian mythological hero Sri Ram. Responding to him, Rangoli Chandel went on to explain how she was forced to study the bloodline of Mughal emperors during her school days. This is when she attacked the leftists in India, saying, "Slyly left extremists turned Rama into a myth and Babur into an icon, when a mass murderer is your icon what is the future of this nation?"

Meanwhile, Rangoli Chandel condemned Karan Johar for showcasing Aurangzeb's cruel bloodline and sexual relationships in his upcoming movie Takht. She tweeted, "And now not surprisingly our dear Karan Johar is making a film on this cruel bloodline, he will depict Aurangzeb cruelty through his abs and sexual relationships "

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Rangoli Chandel launches scathing attack

In a series of tweets, Rangoli Chandel also launched a scathing attack on other filmmakers, who made movies on Mughal emperors. She tweeted, "These dumb filmmakers need to be stopped from the sexual depiction of historic characters before they start their crying drama and claim that democracy is dead and bring international shame to the nation, I request authorities to ask them to submit their scripts "

Rangoli Chandel added, "We need strict rules for dramebaaz filmmaker's also no one should be allowed to call Rama a myth, there are enough evidence of the fact that he established the moral code of a great civilisation, no one should be allowed to discredit him ." "Whosoever makes soft porns in the name of invasion history should be punished as well, invaders killed men and raped women we don't need musical celebrations of that, thanks but no thanks ."

Rangoli Chandel represents a person (Kangana Ranaut) related to art and she is a strong advocate of freedom of expression. She is little aware of the content of Takht, as it is yet to go on the floor. By making a comment on Karan Johar and his film, she has not put down his art, but also made an attack on his freedom of expression. Her remarks are another proof of her immature behaviour.