CG Slate for kids
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Were you planning to buy an iPad for your kid last Christmas, but remained wary of the fact that it could eat into his productivity with binge gaming and movies? Well, here's a perfect alternative to that.

Now, with a simple trick, you can turn your old smartphones and tablets into full-fledged learning devices for kids. EdTech startup ConveGenius crammed up their entire portfolio of learning materials mapped to NCERT curriculum into a microSD card. All you need to do is insert the storage chip in your Android smartphone or tablet and hand it to your kid.

The microSD card by ConveGenius is a CG Slate Tablet, a learning device for kids launched in collaboration with Lenovo, turned into a microSD card. The CG Slate microSD card comes in three variants for different age groups – for classes KG-2, Classes 3-5 and Classes KG-5.

This is the most affordable solution and the best way to put your old devices to better use. CG Slate offers more than 1,500 premium learning modules, and makes learning fun with interactive video stories, books, educational worksheets, quizzes, and games.

Your kid will also be inspired to learn more using CG Slate as it offers cash backs on toys on Flipkart. It is also easy for parents to keep a track of their kids' progress with an online report card.

CG Slate microSD card is priced starting at Rs 1,999 and available exclusively on the company's official website. The affordability of the microSD cards is appealing considering a CG Slate Tablet (for Classes KG-5) costs Rs 8,000.