It's been a month since the coronavirus outbreak and almost 12 days to the lockdown, each one of us is keeping ourselves busy with something or the other. Actors are leaving no stone unturned to entertain by showing their ardent followers on how to wash hands, to sanitize their hands or wear a mask when going out. Some of them are washing dishes, sweeping the floor, or cooking. Their social media is filled with entertaining stuff.

However, we have one more popular actor who is keeping up with the trend and doing household chores with a twist. Kasauti Zindagi Ki actress Erica Fernandes has currently been utilizing her social media platforms in a very useful and informative way.

Erica Fernandes

The actress has been creating her own live videos on her social media pages, which not only talk about but also educate people on things like how to wash and sanitize hands the right way to maintain good hygiene, how to sanitize essential items after bringing them home and a lot more of these on similar lines.

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Her recent posts show how she cooks, sketches, takes care of her dog, and how one must sanitize.

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Speaking about why she feels that things like these informative content-oriented videos should be put out at the moment, Erica shares:

Erica on being a content creator on Instagram

"In such uncertain times like these, the best thing people can do for themselves is to first educate themselves and others around them about how to effectively deal with the situation at hand. So I too felt that I should do my bit to help people with being informative about what can be done to prevent a virus of this stature. And for me, watching a way of doing something correctly rather than just reading about it, has always worked well! Hence I decided to highlight selective topics through social media videos, which are in the need of the hour! So I picked up important aspects like washing hands in the right manner, the kind of food to be eaten in these times, how to sanitize essential items after bringing them into the house, and showcased them in my own way through these videos, in the hope of enlightening people about how seriously this phrase has to be taken.

Erica also has a Vlog on youtube where she explains safety measures to take during the lockdown.