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Prince Harry and Prince William are brothers and have enjoyed a close relationship over the years. But reports have suggested that ever since Prince Harry married Meghan Markle there has been some tension between the brothers.

But it looks like there may be someone else who is behind the apparent frostiness between Prince William and Prince Harry. The Queen herself, may be responsible for the alleged rift between the Royal brothers. Queen Elizabeth II has begun to "offload" more of her duties to Prince Charles and Prince William, forcing the Duke of Cambridge to "up the ante" and preparing for his future away from shared goals with Prince Harry, according to royal author Juliet Rieden. 

Prince William and Prince Harry
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Reportedly the Queen has started to share more official duties with her son and grandson to help them prepare for their future role on the throne of the UK. This seems like a natural transition for a Royal, especially when you're an heir to the throne. Prince William has arguably the best chance at sitting on the throne after the Queen, so it is only logical for Prince William to take on more responsibility in preparation. The increase of responsibility to the crown has pushed Prince William to do more "heavy lifting" thus causing the Duke of Cambridge to diverge from the common path he had set out with Prince Harry, royal author Juliet Rieden suggested.

This claim may explain the diverging paths of the princes. But it is a natural outcome and there shouldn't be any resentment between them. Prince Harry and Prince William need to work out their differences and work together. We think that Prince Harry should lend a hand with the heavy lifting so as not to fray the bond he shares with Prince William. You can check out the video here: