Facebook-owned WhatsApp introduced "Delete for everyone" feature last month to the much delight of millions of users as it helps them recall a wrong message sent to a wrong contact or a group (provided a message is deleted within seven minutes after sending). However, there seems to have a loophole in the feature as users can still access a deleted message if they really want to.

A mobile application called "Notification History" allows users to access deleted messages if the app is given all the permissions, including enabling advanced history option. All one has to do is install the app on Android phone that has WhatsApp latest version.

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"Cleared any notification accidentally? Want to check any notification that you already deleted? Then Notification History Log will help you," reads the description of the application.

Notification History Log as seen on Google Play
Notification History Log as seen on Google PlayGoogle Play

"This is the only application you need to retrieve all your old notifications. With this app you can have access to Notification History Log where you can find old notifications that you cleared recently," it added.

A picture or text message can be deleted from WhatsApp chat thread and a note that reads "This message was deleted" will appear once it is done but the content is still available on the Notification History in the form of a notification. So, a receiver can access the entire message that's been deleted and the time that happened.

Notification History app works on almost all Android smartphones running on Kitkat or higher, and the Advanced History Log feature allows the users to get full control over their notifications.