Ragini MMS Returns finale teaser
Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan in Ragini MMS Returns finale teaserYouTube Screenshot

Ragini MMS Returns has been in the news for its bold content, and looks like the makers have taken the hotness quotient a notch higher with the climax scene that features Karishma Sharma and Sakshi Pradhan's characters engaging in lesbian sex.

A teaser of the bold sex scene between Karishma and Sakshi's characters was released some time ago, and left viewers stunned as well as excited about the finale of the web series.

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Apart from the boldness in the climactic scene of Ragini MMS Returns, another noteworthy aspect of it is that it has been directed by renowned filmmaker Ken Ghosh. Yes, producer Ekta Kapoor had special plans for this particular sequence, and hence got Ken on board.

In an interview with SpotboyE, Ken revealed some interesting details of the extremely sensuous scene. Ken said Ekta herself wrote the sequence, and both Karishma and Sakshi were quite comfortable shooting for it.

"Ekta had written the scene and she wanted me to come and direct this one sequence. I feel the actors were more comfortable. She wanted me to give a different outlook to the scene. And yea, the two girls were great. The chemistry between them was fantastic. Both were looking very good, and very hot," Ken told the entertainment portal.

Ragini MMS Returns finale teaser
Still from Ragini MMS Returns finale teaserYouTube Screenshot

The director further revealed that the sequence was shot behind closed doors and in the presence of a full female crew.

"We conducted a workshop before we shot the scene. And we discussed our style of shooting in detail. Also, it happened behind closed doors. We locked down the set: No one could enter or leave. Also, we had a full female crew in there," he added.

Although Ragini MMS Returns is primarily a horror web-series, it has been talked about more for its sexual content. Directed by Suyash Vadhavkar, the show also features Siddharth Gupta, Riya Sen, Nishant Malkani and Rakshanda Khan, among others.

Check out the teaser here: