Godwoman Radhe Maa
Godwoman Radhe Maa seen in a red mermaid dress at a charity event.Dale Bhagwagar Media Group

It is natural for celebrities to don glamorous outfit but a spiritual leader doing the same may not go down well with many. But 'godwoman' Radhe Maa doesn't seem to care a bit as she was recently spotted in a red mermaid dress in public. And she looked stunning.

The controversial godwoman caught the eyes of the onlookers at a recent charity event where she sported a stylish frilled red mermaid dress with a red purse to match. Some may think it inappropriate for a spiritual person to appear in public in glamorous outfits but Indian celebrities think it's cool as long as she can pull it off.

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"God in the true sense is faith and belief. People who follow her (Radhe Maa); if they are okay with it then who are we to complain," asked Bollywood actor Aarya Babbar. "Faith only requires a pure soul; no dress-code."

Television actor Pankit Thakker said, "we should stop judging people based on their choice of clothing. The way I see it, this looks like an extension of her personality. She looks cool in the outfit. Thank god she is not in the media industry, otherwise she would have been competition to many with her grace and charm." 

"We are all children of God. So let her wear what she wants. Clothes can't depict your passion for God," said actress Kashmira Shah, who is known for her glamorous outfits. Actor-filmmaker Viveck Vaswani thinks "a person in the services of God can wear anything, because it's not an issue with God."

Shawn Valentino, author of Showstopper Lifestyle from Hollywood, said it is the deed not the dress that counts.

"If one carries oneself with dignity and lives to serve others, then who are we to judge their spirituality by what they wear," asked Shawn Valentino. "If their lifestyle is in accordance with their core beliefs, then it is their actions not their dress that ultimately decides their relationship with the divine. She should be commended for showcasing her style as she wore it gracefully."

However, international chess master Dhyani Dave thinks changing the colour of mermaid dress is not cool.

"Trying to change the mainstream idea of orange or red clothes with a mermaid dress doesn't go well," she said.

Well, we have seen Radhe Maa in fashionable outfits in the past. She hit the headlines a couple of years ago after pictures of her posing in a skimpy dress went viral on the social media. Earlier, Mumbai-based lawyer Falguni Bramhabhatt had sued her for performing "vulgar dance" during spiritual gatherings.

(Source: Dale Bhagwagar Media Group)