Former Big Boss contestant and television actress Dolly Bindra has fired a volley of allegations against the controversial godwoman, Radhe Maa.

Bindra, who used to be a Radhe Maa follower, told police that the godwoman used to conduct sex-fuelled satsangs and at one such spiritual gathering, she was stripped naked and sexually assaulted by Radhe Maa devotees.

Bindra allege that, during a satsang, at the behest of the self-styled godwoman from Punjab, her followers assaulted her "sexually in the worst ways," Hindustan Times reported. The actress added that she is being threatened by Radhe Maa and that the "godwoman" also made advances towards her husband.

She kept silent only because Radhe Maa had promised to bless her with a child, Bindra claimed.

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Fashion designer Kapil Arora, a former devotee, had also claimed that the godwoman used to hold "sex parties". Arora told HT that Radhe Maa sexually exploited his 24-year-old male relative. 

Radhe Maa, the controversial godwoman based in Borivali, Mumbai made headlines across the country after pictures of her posing in a skimpy dress, went viral on the social media. 

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Soon after this, Falguni Bramhabhatt, a Mumbai-based lawyer, sued Radhe Maa for performing "vulgar dance" during spiritual gatherings. Bramhabhatt also had alleged that Radhe Maa would kiss and hug several of her followers. "They were touching her private parts also," the lawyer had claimed.