Friends and Home Alone
Home Alone and FriendsYouTube Screenshot/ REUTERS

So, The McCallisters (Home Alone) and the Bings (Friends) have one big thing in common and that is the infamous home of Kevin McCallister.

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But did you happen to notice the surprising Friends connection while watching Home Alone for a zillionth time? If one can remember the final season of Friends that showed Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica (Courteney Cox) were planning to leave New York City, and move up to a house in Westchester, then we can tell you the special connection between the famous TV series and the movie. Apparently Kevin McCallister's house from Home Alone turns out to be Bings' new house in Friends.

Production Company 22 Vision recently confirmed the unexpected connection of the house in Winnetka, Illinois and they created a video explaining how they figured out the connection between these two.

After getting confirmation from the actual people who lived in the real house in Winnetka, Illinois, producer Brian Pocrass of 22 Vision made a video explaining how the connection holds up.

Actually the house shares the exact same view from the living room windows as one can see the McCallisters' neighbors' houses exactly as they were when the movie premiered in 1990 and even in the Friends episode in 2004.

Not only this, the production company revealed that Friends "used stock footage from the filming of Home Alone," and no one noticed until recently.

If you need any further proof, please check out the video here.