Escalator accident, Hyderabad, Hyderabad mall accident
CCTV footage of escalator accident that occured in a mall in Hyderabad.Telangana Today/YouTube

Escalator accidents have now become a common thing with many people falling prey to similar mishaps all over the globe. Recently, a toddler miraculously escaped while he was driving his tricycle off an escalator in a mall in Kacheguda, Hyderabad on Tuesday, August 22.

Abhiram, 3, who was bleeding soon after the freaky accident sustained a fracture below his forehead and nose. He is now out of danger.

The CCTV footage from the spot shows the boy riding his tricycle, accidentally making his way to the moving ramp and crashing into the first floor. Though the parents registered a complaint against the mall management for not manning security near the ramp, the cops, who cross-checked the camera footage, did not register a case as it is a clear case of parents' negligence.

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It is learnt that the boy had come to the mall with his parents and elder brother. The kid's father has admitted that he was unaware of the accident though they were a few feet away. Later, when they realised that the boy was missing, they started searching for him and came to know about the accident on the lower floor. Only then they found it was their son, who was bleeding. The kid was reportedly taken to four different hospitals.

Meanwhile, the mall authorities have blamed the parents for not being near the kid after taking a toy scooter for him from the kids' play area. "After taking a few snaps, they walked away into the electronic goods section as the boy refused to accompany them. When our salesman asked the boy to get down, he tried to move away and in the process slid down the escalator," security operations manager of the mall told Deccan Chronicle. 

Watch the video of the freak accident here: