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Law enforcement vendor Cellebrite, which helps the US government break locked and encrypted devices, reportedly has the technology to can crack any iPhone that currently runs the iOS 11.  

According to a Forbes report, a source from within the firm has said Cellebrite can also crack the latest flagship iPhones that Apple launched last year.

An anonymous insider told Forbes that the security firm has developed a method to get around the security measures of the iOS 11 in the last few months. This means it will not even need a fingerprint ID to unlock an iPhone.

This could be a big deal for Cellebrite's clients like the US and its government agencies as well as private businesses, because we know Cupertino-giant Apple never shares its security measures — even with the government — under any condition.

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Apple always tells its to users keep their phones updated to the latest version of the iOS, which has the latest security fixes.

As per the Forbes report, the Israeli firm is choosing to keep quiet and not make an official announcement on the matter, but the company has made it clear that it can provide advance unlocking and extraction for Apple iOS devices including "iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro and iPod touch, running iOS 5 to iOS 11."

The report also claims that Cellebrite has unlocked the iPhone 8, which runs only the iOS 11 or later, using its advance unlocking methods. However, it's not clear which version of the iOS 11 has been cracked by the firm.

Google's Project Zero (Google's bug-hunting wing) had in December last year released an exploit for the iOS 11.1.2 but later Apple patched it with the update to the iOS 11.2. So it is possible that Apple will increase the security with the upcoming update which will prevent anyone from cracking the iOS.