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Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, an ENT specialist and a medical devices innovator, has devised around 18 medical devices which are drastically aiding people in India's rural region.

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Apart from being a doctor and inventor of numerous medical devices, he has many other feathers in his cap. He is a stand-up comedian as well as an author.

During his training period, Dr Chaturvedi had found that numerous patients with throat cancer were going undiagnosed and later ended up landing in big hospitals with advanced stages of cancer.

This aroused a question in Dr Chaturvedi's head, which was -- why aren't these patients getting detected earlier? The reason was that the medical equipments used in villages and rural areas weren't as high-end as big hospitals in cities were equipped with.

Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, medical devices, health, ENTraview
Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi

In order to curb this issue, Dr Chaturvedi devised a new ENT endoscope with the help of a mechanical engineer. He used a standard canon camera to create this device known as ENTraview, which functions just like an endoscope. This product has been used to screen more than 200,000 people in Delhi so far.

"Creating this device roughly cost me around INR 10,000, whereas the large equipments found in hospitals cost around two to three lakh rupees," Dr Chaturvedi told International Business Times, India.

After this apparatus was innovated by Dr Chaturvedi, he planned to start his own business to create more such apparatus and come up with new ways of diagnosis, but unfortunately it wasn't successful.

Later, his boss and mentor Dr Ravi Nair advised him and said that he needed to learn the process of inventing devices. The central government had started a program called Stanford-India Biodesign, which was a one-year fellowship. In this program, doctors, engineers, designers and business person are sent to Stanford University to learn the process of biodesign for six months and then return to India to implement this process in collaboration with AIIMS and IIT Delhi.

Dr Chaturvedi learnt the skills of inventing equipments. He and his team then developed four technologies out of which three advanced to a very high level, but one product failed.

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One of these three technologies, called Bioscoop, is used for liver biopsy, which does suctioning as well as scooping, making the process easier and safer. This product will soon enter clinical trials.

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Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi

The second device is Noxeno, which is used to remove foreign objects present in nose. This device was created keeping children, largely based out of rural areas, in mind, as they often insert things such as buttons, peanuts, etc in their nose and such regions usually lack ENT specialists.

These kids are taken to general practitioners who lack proper tools and skills because of which the object either gets pushed in or doesn't come out. By the time the child is brought to an ENT specialist, he mostly requires some endoscopic surgery to get the object out, which is distressing.

Noxeno is a hand-held device which easily helps in removing the foreign body from nose. This product will hit the markets soon.

Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi, Noxeno,health, medical devices,
Dr Jagdish Chaturvedi

Another amazing product developed by Dr Chaturvedi and his team is known as Thorashield, which is used to remove fluids from lungs without puncturing them. Using needles to remove fluids from lungs carries the risk of injuring it and causing dangerous lung-related conditions called pneumothorax. Hence, he and his team created this simple device which is safe and has a low cost.

Check this link to know more about the devices that Dr Chaturvedi and his team have created so far.

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