Norbert, therapy dog, cute,
Norbert the cute therapy dog.Facebook/ Norbert

Meet Norbert, one of the cutest dogs on this planet! This cutester is a registered therapy dog who volunteers at kids' hospitals to cheer children up with his heart-melting actions and hi-fives!

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Norbert was born in 2009 with brown fur which transformed to white over the years. His breed is not identified and he is believed to be a mixed breed between chihuahua, lhasa apso and cairn terrier.

This big guy weighs 3.5 pounds and is seven inches tall. His owner Julie Steines trained him since he was one-year-old to make him a therapy dog as he is naturally gifted with a persona to spread joy.

Not just this, there are way too many feathers in this little one's cap -- the first book about him was published in 2013. Another book 'Norbert: What Can Little Me Do?' was published in 2014 and won nine awards.

Norbert, therapy dog, cute,
Facebook/ Norbert

Also, there are toys which resemble this celebrity dog as a part of a campaign called Noberthood For Good. Whenever a toy is purchased, another one is given away to a kid in need via Toys For Tots Foundation.

Check out the adorable Norbert in this video:

Facebook/ David Wolfe