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Facebook/ Wright County - Missouri Farm Bureau

A mysterious phenomenon has been witnessed over the last few years across the world -- mass animal deaths.

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The latest incident took place in Missouri on April 29 in which 32 cows were found dead in a farm. Jared Blackwelder, a farmer and the owner of the cows, revealed that he and his wife Misty heard crashing sounds and observed a bright light, but they didn't give it much heed.

When Blackwelder went out again to milk his cows for the second time, he saw that 32 of them were lying dead on the ground. He also saw that fences were on fire.

A veterinarian inspected the dead cows and confirmed that they died because of lightening. But he had only seen a maximum of six cattle deaths so far because of the same reason, CBS News reported.

Mass animal deaths, mysterious, alien,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

Alien hunter Tyler Glockner from Secure Team 10 has revealed another incident of mass animal deaths which is even more bizarre! He claims that in August 2016, over 300 reindeers were found dead in Norway. The reason behind their death was also said to be a lightning strike, which left Tyler suspicious.

According to him, in most of these cases, there wasn't even any storm, but just a lightning strike which led to the massacre of the live stocks of the farmers in large numbers.

mass animal deaths, mystery, alien, weird news,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

In some of the cases, the farmers hadn't even seen any lightening strike. There were instances when no wounds such as burn marks were seen on the dead animals which would point towards lightening to be the cause of the death. In a few cases, the heads of the animals were found missing, which makes these occurrences even more baffling.

A similar incident was reported in Texas in August 2016 in which around 20 cows were killed in a lightning strike. In February, another incident took place in Zimbabwe in which a lightning strike claimed the lives of 19 cattle, Tyler revealed.

According to him, these incidents are on a rise in the past two years.

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YouTube/ secureteam10