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"When will Salman Khan marry?" – This is perhaps the most asked question to the superstar. While no one exactly knows why he refrained from marriage, Salman once had said that he did not want to get married due to the legal cases running on him.

During one of his appearance on Aap Ki Adalat, Salman was again asked the million dollar question regarding his marriage plans. The actor had then first tried to avoid answering it, but had later said that considering the number of cases running on him, it would not be fair to the girl if at all, he would have to be imprisoned.

"There was a time long time ago, when it felt like marriage was going to happen, but I got away with that. Now my current time is very different as you know about my Jodhpur poaching case and Mumbai hit and run case. On merit, we will win both the cases. However, if something happens where I get jailed, then what will happen? And will it be fair if I get married before something like that happens? So, let the cases get settled down, then we can think," Salman had said on the show. Well, Salman did have a valid point.

Meanwhile, Salman is all set to come up with his much awaited big movie Dabangg 3. With the first motion poster of the film being already out, fans are eagerly waiting for the trailer of the movie.