Cersei Lannister
Cersei Lannister's look in season 8.Twitter/Official Game of Thrones page

Game of Thrones has had many deaths -- surprising and brutal. But despite all those, there still has been a tragedy which the makers decided not to showcase because it was just too brutal. It is the death of King Tommen's beloved cat, Ser Pounce.

In a recent interview to the Entertainment Weekly, showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have recently confirmed that the most adored cat will not return this season as it has been killed by Cersei Lannister. "Cersei hated the name 'Ser Pounce' so much she could not allow him to survive. So she came up with her most diabolical (execution)," Benioff said.

The cat was last shown in season 6, just before Tommen Baratheon(Dean-Charles Chapman) committed suicide over Margaery Tyrell's(Natalie Dormer) death in the Sept of Baelor. Ever since, GOT fans have been wondering what happened to his little pet cat.

"Ser Pounce's death was so horrible we couldn't even put it on the air," Benioff claimed. Cersei killing her son's cat falls aptly in her characteristic. She would definitely not like Ser Pounce prowling around the Red Keep, to remind her of her dead son.

David Benioff and D. B. Weiss
Writer/producers David Benioff (L) and D. B. Weiss attend the 17th annual AFI Awards at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on January 6, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

But, unlike on TV, Ser Pounce is alive in the books. And since the cat's fate isn't shown, we can always imagine that he is living happily. And this was confirmed by Dean-Charles Chapman, who had revealed in an interview to Huffington post that "there's a lot of staff around the kingdom to look after him. Hopefully, he didn't get caught up in the blast. That'd be a tragedy. I like to think he'd also move on with his life and get a girlfriend maybe."

Elsewhere, Benioff has also confessed how difficult it was to work with the cat because you know how cats listen to themselves.

"That cat was really not fun to work with," Benioff says. To which Weiss adds, "Dogs generally do what you ask them to do if they're smart and well trained," Weiss says. "Cats have their own agenda."

And given that the cats have their own agendas means that one of the white walkers have retrieved it and that later, it would come back to attack Cersei. Who knows? All we can do is wait for April 24.