kerala barber shop
The barber shop owner Gopi said that free hair cut will also be given to senior citizens if they do not have money.Twitter/ANI

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, a barbershop in Kerala's Kathrikadavu region is giving free hair cuts to kids up to 14 years of age. The shop owner, identified as Gopi, said that this will continue until this pandemic is over.

"I have 3 barbershops, offering free haircut in one of them. We'll give free haircut to older people too if they don't have money," Gopi added.

Usually, the shop charges Rs 100 for a normal haircut. However, if someone does not have that much money, the shop will receive whatever the person gives. "People don't have money now. So, I came up with this idea as a fight for society against this pandemic," Gopi said.

kerala barber shop
Gopi has three barbershops in the region.Twitter/ANI

Kerala has opened hair salons and beauty parlours after the state government had eased Covid lockdown norms.

Kerala Covid update

Meanwhile, the state on Monday (September 14) reported 2,540 fresh coronavirus cases while there were 2,110 recoveries. Of the new cases, around 2,433 people were infected through contact and the source of infection of 212 is yet to be known.