A woman helps thirsty monkey drink water at a railway station
A woman helps thirsty monkey drink water at a railway stationSnapshot of Twitter video

A woman came forward to help a thirsty monkey after she saw it struggle to open a water tap. After drinking water the monkey kept its hand on her should as mark of gratitude. This video has gone viral on social media.

Human beings know how to keep themselves safe and secured from the scorching heat. But many animals and birds become victims of thirst, due to lack of water during summer. We often see them struggling for water, but we remain merciless and ignorant of their grievance. But here is a woman, who came to the help of a thirsty monkey, which was struggling to drink water from a tap at a railway station.

A person named Hatinder Singh shot a video of a thirsty monkey and shared it on his Twitter page. He also wrote, "This Monkey Was Very Much Thirsty,He Came On Railway Platform InSearch Of Water. But Was Unable To Drink As He Wasn't Able To Push The Tap. So This Good Soul Lady Came Forward,Pressed The Tap For Monkey And Helped Him To Drink Water. Plz Help Animals If You See Such Incident."

A thirsty monkey struggles to open water at a railway station
A thirsty monkey struggles to open water at a railway stationSnapshot of Twitter video

People are generally scared of monkeys but this lady showed no sign of fear, as she pressed the tap to release water for the monkey to drink. After drinking the water, the monkey kept its hand on the woman's shoulder as a mark of gratitude. The whole scene featured in the video is heart-touching.

This incident is also an eye-opener for all human beings to show mercy to animals. We have already lost some species due to our selfishness and ignorance. Global warming, caused by human beings, is a major cause of danger for the lives of some other species. Our next generation will get to see them only in pictures if we don't wake up and work towards saving them.

However, the video of the thirsty money has been liked and shared by many and it is now viral on social media. Some netizens also replied to Hatinder Singh's Twitter post, praised the woman, expressed their liking for the monkey's gesture and also requested their followers to keep a pot of water on the terrace of their houses. Here are some of their comments.

Bishnu Charan Parida‏ @bcp_jkr

So much thanks to the benevolent woman. The monkey too placed its hand on her in gratitude.We humans only think of our needs. We can drink water from a tap and not a monkey. We should place water in open containers at places at least during summer to enable the animals to drink.

Angie Karan Ⓥ ‏ @angie_karan

There're some very beautiful people in this world too. They outweigh the ignorant, and the selfish and bring a spark of balance and hope to humanity

Rahul Kadwekar‏ @KadwekarRahul

Still humanity is alive on this planet the all time favourite video hats off to the lady

DHIRAJ SHARMA‏ @dsharma1401

And the monkey shows his gratitude by placing his hand on her shoulder. Truly an act of kindness.

Vinod Kumar @xbludger

Love the way this langoor seems to be appreciating it by putting his hand on the lady's shoulder!

Cara‏ @Cara07352870

That was so sweet! Look at the monkey putting its hand on her shoulder!

Kirti Phadtare Pandey‏ @KirtiPandey

The most touching part is when he touches her in gratitude and love.

Tiger Singh‏ @AkashaPrana

How beautiful. Yes we should always be kind to animals. They're our brothers and sisters. Very well done that lady! ❤️

Uma‏ @Uma71000072

We should put one pot full of water on our houses roof , balcony or outside door its hlps a lot to animal,birds .

Sakshi J Kapoor‏ @SakshikapoorDun

My terrace has one pot filled with water and one plate with rice n grains for birds