While scrolling through our Instagram pages, we have often witnessed pictures of newlyweds vacationing in the picturesque Maldives and other honeymoon destinations. But have you seen newlyweds wearing gloves and rolling up their sleeves to clear out trash from the beach two weeks after their wedding?

Anudeep Hegde and Minusha Kancha is one such couple who decided to clean up a beach instead of going on a honeymoon. The couple decided to clean up Karnataka's Someshwara Beach.

Karnataka couple
Image credits: Twitter

The duo, who were planning their honeymoon destination while spending time at Anudeep's hometown at Baindur in Karnataka after their wedding on November 18, often used to visit the Someshwara beach to spend time together and take in the beach view.

They realised that the beach has become a dumping zone where people discard alcohol bottles, slippers and other things are shamelessly thrown on the beach.  

Anudeep who had experience in beach clean up drives suggested that they help to clean the beach up and Minusha agreed. 

Got married 2 weeks back & with my wife decided to clean up this beach

Anudeep took to his Twitter account and wrote, "Can two person make a difference? Got married two weeks back & with my wife have decided to clean up this beach before we celebrate a honeymoon. 40% have been cleared. Few more days to go. A much satisfying experience so far."

How did the newlyweds pull off the clean up drive? 

The couple went and bought the basic requirements for a cleaning drive- they bought gloves, garbage bin bags and got down to cleaning the area. They managed to dispose off over 600 kilos of waste from the beachside between November 27 and December 5.

Around December 4-5, more than a dozen youngsters came down and started helping the duo in cleaning up. The couple says almost 80 per cent of the beach has been cleaned up by now and the rest they can do within a week, as per reports. 

The garbage they collected is being taken away by local panchayat workers. The couple also wishes to increase awareness about biological and marine conservation and thus expects to continue with the cleaning drive.