Kendall Jenner Hailey Baldwin
Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Whitney Wolfe attend Winter Bumbleland on April 15, 2017.Getty Images

Supermodel Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are proving that they spend their girls' night like any other girls would during a sleepover. The girls chose to not give a hoot about the world and sip on some wine while rejuvenating in a bathtub.

However, they are supermodels so they obviously do something more than us girls during a night together, like pose nude for the camera and share it online. Kendall and Hailey shared some raunchy photos giving fans a peek into their girls' night.

In a photo shared by Kendall, the Jenner sister was seen wearing nothing but a Calvin Klien underwear and a hair-towel wrapped around her head. The model has strategically placed her arm above her bosoms, avoiding her modesty from being exposed in front of the camera.

With one hand holding a glass of wine, Kendall holds her phone in the other. She flashes her skin and flaunts curves in the shot.

On the other hand, Hailey seems to have ditched all her clothes for a sizzling photo in the bathtub. Like Kendall, Hailey too was seen with the bubble bath covering her modesty. Hailey sported a bun with a pair of golden hooped earrings with a glass of wine in the bath.

Kendall captioned the picture: Bone-dry, and Hailey shared her picture with a note: Big Mood.


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The two stars were in the news recently for their Met Gala appearances. Kendall became the talk of the town after a video of her pushing away a Gala staff member so that the cameras could shoot her alone was making the rounds.

As for Hailey, the 21-year-old attended the annual event with singer Shawn Mendes. The couple has been rumoured to be dating, however, Mendes told People Magazine that they were just friends.