The worker population ratio of India stands at a staggering 47 percent according to a survey. This situation is pushing the emerging graduates and the existing unemployed to find new ways of money-making. Trading in the stock market has proved to be one such way, provided the trader has the right tools to reap profits.

Venteskraft has been producing profitable strategies for years, changing them according to the changes in the market conditions, it is helping the majority of the traders in India to stay in profits.
The CEO and co-founder of Venteskraft, Mahin B S says, "Applying the right strategy to the right stock in the right market condition will always make the trade profitable". The co-founder Rahul Rajeev insists that a healthy lifestyle and consistency in executing the right trade plan will guarantee a win. Holding true to their beliefs, they have produced many full- time traders who even chose trading over high- salary jobs in top MNCs.

Imad Sayyed (Diamond member and Full-time trader)

"I came to know about trading in the stock market from a relative when I was in graduation but I do not know how it works and had zero knowledge about it. So I started searching YouTube about the stock market but there was no proper guidance and it looked very complicated for me to understand. In that process, I came across an advertisement of venteskraft on Instagram in which they were asking their students about their profits and that grabbed my attention. I visited their page and came to know about the founders Mahin B S and Rahul Rajeev. I have contacted Mr. Akash Kulkarni, one of the senior financial trainers of venteskraft, over the phone. After the phone conversation, I have taken their platinum membership. After four months into the membership, I upgraded to diamond under their mentorship and I am a full-time trader now and I think that is the best decision I have ever made".

Gaurav Taneja (Platinum member and Full-time trader)

"I am twenty-two now, I was introduced to the stock market from Venteskraft. Like everybody else, I was also after 'make money fast' methods and realized money-making does not work that way. I came to know about Venteskraft through a friend, bought the membership and started attending the sessions, slowly, I got a hang on market movement and I started following the rules and the strategies seriously. I am a Graphic designer and full-time trader now. Trading is now my side hustle".

Rizwan ahmed malick ( Diamond member and full-time trader)

" I have got to know about Mr. Mahin B S from his mentorship classes. His beliefs and his confidence in whatever he is doing have drawn me towards joining him. I joined the diamond membership and thought it'd be raining money after the first couple of months. But things were not that easy. My trades were not profitable at all initially and I lost some decent amount to the market. Upon the advice of my financial trainer, I have started afresh with very little cash, and this time with proper practice I am able to make consistent profits. It was really a great experience and I realized that things not working out for traders putting huge money in their initial stages was indeed true."