Sushmita Sen, Rohman Shawl
Sushmita Sen, Rohman ShawlInstagram

According to the popular belief, Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl crossed paths with each other at a fashion show a few months ago and hit it off instantly. But that's not how it had happened. It was the social media wonder that brought the two ends of a rope together.

One fine day Rohman Shawl DMed (Direct Message) Sushmita on Instagram. Sushmita had been skeptical about opening DMs as it may start a conversation with the other person. And being a beauty queen, Sushmita obviously had her inbox full of DMs but she had not opened any of them. But she accidentally did as if the cupid's arrow was waiting to strike her.

"Touch screen phone ki Jai ho because I had gone to the DM to look at what all had come and I was scrolling through and this boy broke something in the room and I went talking to him and when I came back I had obviously opened one of the DMs and it was a message from him and I was like 'Oh my god, how did I do that, god I should never be talking when I am near a phone," Sushmita Sen told Rajeev Masand while recalling how she met Rohman Shawl.

Sushmita was floored by Rohman's message and she felt that this tall, lean and muscular guy was a very warm and passionate person. "Thank you so much, your message made my day, I wish you all the happiness in the world," Sushmita replied to Rohman just before leaving for the US.

And by then, Rohman Shawl was all over the moon after receiving a message from the Miss Universe 1994. "I am jumping from one room to another, I cannot believe you responded," Rohman replied to Sushmita.

"And then, I got to know him slowly when I came back and that too was an open offer to come play football with him," Sushmita said. But interestingly, she asked him for a coffee. "And, that was it when I met this person, I felt I had known him my whole life. It was that simple," Sushmita concluded.

Sushmita Sen, Rohman Shawl, daughters Alisah and Renee.
Sushmita Sen, Rohman Shawl, daughters Alisah and Renee.Instagram

Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl are currently in a happy phase of their relationship and are head over heels in love with each other. The two have been winning hearts with their loving PDA on social media. Unlike any other Bollywood couples, Sushmita and Rohman have never tried to hide their relationship from their fans or the media.

While Sushmita keeps sharing a lot of lovey dovey pictures with Rohman giving a glimpse into their romantic relationship, Rohman can be seen bonding very well with Sushmita's two daughters Alisah and Renee.

And though Sushmita has denied getting married to Rohman anytime soon, but her fans believe that the couple may enter into wedlock next year.