Ajith's Viswasam vs Vijay's Bigil
Ajith's Viswasam beats Vijay's Bigil in a Twitter India pollPR Handout

Twitter India released some of the Most Influential Moments in its platform on Wednesday, 13 November. Ajith's Viswasam and Mahesh Babu's Maharshi movies were in the top five list which triggered a war of sorts on social media between the fans of Ajith and Vijay.

The fans of Vijay disapproved the list and felt that Bigil too have been creating huge buzz on Twitter. Later, Twitter India clarified that it was not the complete list. "We are excited that you're excited about this Tweet, but this is just a representation of some influential moments this year. You'll have to wait a little longer for our official Year on Twitter list to see which moments were the most Tweeted about in 2019 Quote Tweet," it posted.

Sensing the urge among the fans to know which movie got the highest response on its platform, Twitter India ran a poll asking the people whether a Tamil film would make it to the Twitter list and which movie would find a place among the four movies – Viswasam, Bigil, NGK along with an option for the viewers to give their choice by commenting to the post – possibly in the top 10 most-trending topic or movie on Twitter.

This paved way for the fans of both the stars to take their battle to the next level. The war was closely fought between Bigil and Viswasam, while NGK was never in the race. The online fans club of Ajith and Vijay chipped in and spread the link for the people to cast their votes.

In the end, Viswasam captured 44 percent of votes to emerge victorious. Bigil ended at the second place by getting 40 percent of the votes, while Suriya's NGK came distant third by earning 14 percent of the votes and the last option got just two percent of the votes in the poll which had the participation of over 2.5 lakh people. 

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