Arun Vijay in Thadam.PR Handout

Arun Vijay's Thadam has garnered highly positive reviews from the critics and audience. The action thriller has been hailed for its solid content peppered with fine performances from the key cast.

Thadam is about identical twins with different lifestyles and tastes. While one belongs to upper middle-class and leads a peaceful life, the other is a small-time thief, but a street-smart man who understands the loopholes in the legal system.

At a crucial juncture, the petty thief lands in a trouble over a murder of a youth, but the story takes an interesting twist after his identical brother Kavan too lands in the same police station over another case. What follows next should be seen on-screen.

Thadam has made an average business in some centres in spite of getting good reviews. Unfortunately, the movie has been hit by piracy which is not helping the cause. 

The full movie with different qualities has surfaced on torrent sites. Although many strict measures and policies have been implemented by governments, none of them has been successful in curbing this menace.

Almost all big movies make it to the internet within a day of their release and Rajinikanth's Petta and Ajith's Viswasam were no exception. 

Vishal has taken several measures ever since he came to the power as the President of the Tamil Film Producers' Council. Unfortunately, his efforts have not helped to put an end to the piracy.

With the rise in internet consumption, online streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime are acquiring the digital rights of the movies and the Tamil filmmakers should consider selling the rights to them to generate extra income.